Marriage picture

The minister is happy to meet with all couples who are contemplating being married in the area. It is not necessary to be a member of a church or adherent to a certain denomination in order to be married in our churches, because the general ethos is based on openness and a sense of welcome. Most couples wish to have God’s blessing on their union, and it is the desire of the congregations to enable that to happen.

Couples who feel that they might like to be married in one of our churches are encouraged to get in touch with the minister at a very early stage in their planning, to make sure that both Church and minister are available. The minister will gladly advise on the legal formalities and related wedding organisation – music, flowers, orders of service etc. It is important that the individual preferences of couples are taken into account and we welcome large ceremonies, arranged to the last detail down to much smaller and informal services. You will find that neither church has a standard wedding service; each one is different and, hopefully, personal.